The partial closure of Ningbo in China’s eastern Zhejiang province, which has resulted in fewer drivers and trucks, has generated concerns about supply for major fashion firms such as Nike and Adidas.

Ningbo is the world’s busiest port in tonnage and third in daily container handling. However, the emergence of the coronavirus delta strain has resulted in a “partial shutdown in Ningbo.”

He Sheng, general manager of Ningbo Dls International Trade Co, a liquor importer, told the Global Times, “The lockdown caused some inconvenience, such as fewer drivers and vehicles that are willing to enter the closed area. But in general, those problems are not very serious and have not had much influence on our business.”

As China prepares for the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Ningbo, in particular, is a key location for officials. Ningbo has reported 23 coronavirus infections from Saturday until press time. The outbreak is concentrated at the Shenzhou factory in Beilun, which supplies sports and entertainment brands like Nike and Uniqlo.

However, the problem is not as catastrophic as some may believe because Chinese suppliers can shift their supply chains, and local governments have stepped in to help stabilize logistics, according to industry sources.

Even though only two instances of locally transmitted coronavirus and 18 asymptomatic cases have been officially reported, the Yuzhou municipal government declared on Tuesday that the “virus prevention and control situation in our city is quite serious.”

On Sunday, Shenzhou started rewarding employees who help with “epidemic control measures” with a higher bonus for those prepared to work on the “frontline” in Ningbo.

Xi’an also ordered its residents to stay indoors for at least three days two weeks ago. Xi’an is still under lockdown today, and its starving residents are reduced to exchanging their goods to get food and beg for help on social media while a menacing army of 40,000 police officers lurks in the streets. A man in a popular video from Xi’an says he traded a bag of rice for a smartphone and tablet.

Investigative social media users discovered that a convoy of trucks supplied meat and vegetables to needy citizens in Xi’an over the weekend. However, the convoy took everything to a property full of government officials.

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