Hunan, a city in the South Central region of China, recently suffered many days of heavy rains. As a result, the Tianhe Reservoir in Jianghua County, Hunan, opened all 11 floodgates on June 22 to release floodwaters. As a consequence, many downstream villages were quickly submerged.

According to Sohu, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, released a red flood warning at 5:27 on June 22. The content said that because of heavy rainfall and upstream water levels within the next 18 hours, the water level of Xiaoshui River in Xiaoshui County would rise. Projections are that the peak water level of 571 feet will be reached. Floods of the river in Fenghejiangma Town will exceed the highest record in history at 1,067 feet. Seven stations in Yongzhou are over the alarm level.

It is noteworthy that the announcement only said “water from upstream” but didn’t mention discharge floods at Tianhe Reservoir in Jianghua County. Residents also didn’t receive any notice or request to evacuate. 

A video shared on the internet shows water violently flowing from all 11 flood discharge gates at Tiantianhe Reservoir, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, on June 22.

Another video shows merchandise from shops floating in the water because the people didn’t have time to move them. Some residents’ homes were flooded, and their appliances and furniture were submerged.

A resident told Xiwang Zhisheng: “I haven’t received any notification of flooding in the streets. Then, this morning I realized the water covered all the furniture on the first floor.”

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