‘Lying Flat’ is considered a non-violent and non-cooperative movement of Chinese youth against the China Communist Party. On May 31, an open letter calling for “laying down” and “not production” circulated on the Internet.

Signed by several entrepreneurs and investors in Shanghai, the letter also calls for watching the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to see if there are any changes.

The letter describes the current situation in China as follows:

The internal government’s credit has collapsed. The day of unblocking is the day foreign capital leaves the country and the day domestic capital flees. The large-scale corporate bankruptcy, reorganization, and liquidation will break the public’s last shred of economic recovery. 

Millions of graduates inevitably have to join the unemployed, and social unrest is inevitable.

A few sentences in the open letter reveal some information about the writer of this letter. 

This entrepreneur and investor has invested hundreds of billions of Renminbi in Shanghai and across the country. Also, this person employed millions of employees and had been in Shanghai during the city lockdown.

The person who wrote the letter also thinks that he is well versed in politics, with a political background.

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