The 26th edition of the International Congress on Technology and Innovation (WCIT) took place on September 13 on the island of Penang, Malaysia. It is home to a gigantic technology niche with 39 Fortune 1000 companies and 300 multinationals aiming to attract $16 billion to Malaysia by 2025. On this occasion, 4,000 international participants and 200 moderators were summoned, with 10 top-level speakers who enlivened several days of science and technology in the “silicon island,” as Penang is known.

The Chinese Communist Party also attended. The CCP also prevented Miss Taiwan 2022, Gao Manrong from participating in the Miss Asia Global Pageant. Malaysian officials of the event, moments before taking the stage along with other contestants from various countries, prohibited Gao, on orders from the CCP, from exercising her right of representation.

Gao, taken by surprise and in the face of so much humiliation, burst into tears in front of those present, who soon comforted the contestant.

Yu Wanru: “Taiwan. Go”

From the audience, the cheer, “Taiwan, go ahead,” was unanimous, especially from the team of Taiwanese experts invited to the WCIT 2022 event.

Yu, chief technology officer from Taoyuan City, and one of the Taiwanese experts who witnessed the CCP’s repressive team, emphasized “China’s unreasonable repression is unbearable for democratic countries, and Taiwan still has a long way to go, and we must continue to work hard with friends in democratic countries.”

Taiwan is a leader in information technology and the semiconductor industry. A new Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) was formalized in August 2022. It emphasizes the integration of telecommunications, information, cybersecurity, internet, and broadcasting, to assist the local digitization of industries that will drive the market for U.S. leaders operating in related sectors.

Taiwan has a fundamental weight worldwide, so the digital media Liberty Times, assured, “Gao Manrong, who represented Taiwan in Malaysia to participate in the Miss Universe Asia contest, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the World Conference on Innovation and Technology (WCIT) 2022, in Penang. However, the Chinese side pressured the Malaysian organizer to ban Gao Manrong from holding the Taiwan flag on stage. In the end, Gao Manrong could not hide her disappointment.

Taiwan no longer tolerates the Chinese regime’s policy of persecuting and censoring its citizens

Akio Yaita, director of the Japanese branch of the newspaper Sankei Shimbun Taipei said, “It is no longer news that the CCP has used various means to repress Taiwan on the international stage. At times like this, Taiwanese representatives often choose to be patient and make concessions, but in recent years the situation has changed, there are more and more voices supporting Taiwan, and Taiwan is no longer tolerant.”

Yaita added that while Malaysia organized the technology congress it dare not offend the CCP. When Gao Manrong, participated in an international beauty contest in 2019, in Romania, and won the prize, she was able to pose with the Taipei flag in the background, but not today. Perhaps one day soon.

For President Tsai In-Wen’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), too, maintaining national independence from China is a state priority, even though the CCP asserts that “Taiwan’s independence” means war. And young Taiwanese support an independent Taiwan.

Following the Penang event in Malaysia, several political leaders said that voters in the November 26, elections demanded that their local candidates sign a pledge to “never surrender” to the CCP.

And the Central News Agency reported that DPP legislator Lin Chuyin, Kaohsiung City Councilman Li Yahui, Taipei City Council candidate Yan Ruofang, New Taipei City Council candidate Huang Shujun and other political leaders issued statements denouncing communist China’s stance on persecuting Taiwan in international forums and encircling its territory.

This is a statement from Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the Manrong affair: “The Republic of China is a sovereign and independent democratic country, and the people of Taiwan have the right to display their own country’s flag and identify with their own country in the international arena. China’s brutal crackdown will only make Taiwanese and the international community more upset. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports Gao Manrong and encourages other Chinese to continue to speak up for Taiwan in the international arena through individual professionals, expressing their identification with their own country and demonstrate the strength of Taiwan’s goodness.”

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