On May 20, officers in Tiedong district of Siping city, Jilin Province, detected two residents who missed the 25th round of COVID-19 testing. Both were summoned to the police station.

According to a statement by Tiedong Announcement on Weibo, the two persons were required to pay the full cost of previous tests.

Siping city said on Weibo it mass tested the entire citizens on May 19. That included all enterprises, institutions, schools, express logistics, and health institutions, among others.

By far, 390 citizens have been penalized for failing to participate in previous testing rounds. 20 were arrested and fined 500 yuan (about 75 dollars). 470 people have reimbursed the costs of earlier tests.

The city warned that their health status would be turned yellow for those who may harbor skipping COVID-19 tests. This restricts their access to communities and public places. In addition to a 500 yuan fine, they are susceptible to 10 days of administrative detention. The perpetrator’s name would also be blocked as a dishonest person and face public exposure in the media.

Disciplinary sanctions are at hand for government agencies, enterprises, and institutions if their cadres and employees miss the test.

For employees of shops along the street, their businesses might be closed in addition to the other penalties.

The city would also hold those who deliberately breach pandemic procedures and spread COVID-19 accountable for criminal responsibility.

China’s northeastern Jilin province has only gradually reopened last month after more than a month of lockdown starting mid-March. The province was almost COVID-free this year until March when it recorded over 45,000 infections.

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