With nine days to go before the end of the Winter Olympics, British media outlet the Daily Mail has called the diplomatic boycott of the Games by Western countries the most shameful since the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Other critics have called the Winter Olympics the worst ever held.

Three Chinese-American athletes at the Winter Olympics 

Nathan Chen, a Chinese-American athlete, who represents the U.S. team, won the gold medal in figure skating at the 2022 Winter Olympics, making it the most memorable moment of his life. However, Chinese media instead focused on Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu, who finished fourth, and China’s Jin Boyang, who finished ninth. Some complained that he didn’t use Chinese to answer questions from Chinese reporters, but he has shown that his Mandarin is not good enough.

In an interview with Reuters in 2020, he was also criticized for getting out of China after endorsing teammate Evan Bates’ protest against Beijing’s persecution of Uyghurs.

Nathan Chen told CNN that he was fortunate to have no social media in China, so negative Chinese public opinion would not affect him.

Due to mistakes in her performance, Zhu Yi, a U.S.-born figure skater who represented China after giving up her U.S. citizenship, received many attacks from Chinese netizens. 

Eileen Gu dubbed the “Princess of Snow,” was criticized for not singing the Chinese national anthem when she received the gold medal.

Experience of a British “Covid-infected” Olympian

According to Chinese-language media, Xiwang Zhisheng, another British athlete, who chose to remain anonymous for fear of being punished, told about his own experience after being diagnosed with Covid and forced into quarantine.

One night, he said that he saw two men wearing protective clothing from head to toe, unable to see their faces. They were approaching. They informed him through a translation device that looked like an old Nokia phone that he had tested positive for Covid and had to be quarantined.

When he asked, “How long has it been positive?” No one answered him.

The two men gave him another Covid test before isolating him. Because the swab was put deep into his nostril, almost reaching the bottom of his tongue, he bled. He said the test was more painful for him than in the U.K.

They then tested him every 12 hours. When he opened the door to take in the fresh air, he was warned to go back into the room.

To pass the time after losing his freedom, he can only watch T.V. that he doesn’t understand and eat greasy and dirty-feeling food.

He admitted that he was afraid to look down at the emergency vehicles downstairs because he knew he would be sent to a worse quarantine if the test returned positive.

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