The wheat harvest is starting in China’s major wheat-producing regions. But under the Chinese regime’s epidemic prevention policy, wheat harvesting has become uneasy.

A video taken in a village in Henan province shows a group of farmers reaping wheat in the field. Suddenly, the village party secretary asked the farmers to stop harvesting for a nucleic acid test. The village official said that if they could not show any 48-hour nucleic acid certificates, they were not allowed to go to the field to harvest. An elderly farmer refused to obey and angrily argued with the official. 

Chinese news outlet Economic Observer reported that the prime time for summer’s harvest is only about a dozen days, from May 25 to June 10. The newspaper cited a farmer saying this year’s harvest was like a race against time. He said he’s afraid of the rain because the machine didn’t work well on the ground. He’s also afraid of the pandemic, which means that harvesting is suspended.

However, the wheat harvesters who go to Henan this year are facing difficulties. As soon as they enter the province, the health code on the tracking app turns yellow, and their travel is restricted. 

Getting the health code green again requires 2 negative COVID test results within three days. They also have to report their return to the local government three days in advance. After coming back, 7-day self-isolation is mandatory.

In addition, wheat harvesters from other places who come to Henan must present the COVID-negative certificate within 48 hours. Otherwise, they are not allowed to work.

According to mainland media, some migrant workers in Shanghai didn’t get the COVID-test results in time. Therefore, they missed the train back to Henan and could not go home to harvest wheat. 

Some migrant workers said that they would be forced to quarantine for 14 days if they returned to their hometowns. By that time, the harvest period had passed.

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