As reported by Xinhua, heavy rainfall on June 17 seriously affected many places in Rongshui county, Liuzhou city, Guangxi province. 2 people were killed, one was injured, and 2 lost contact in a roadbed collapse

The incident happened in a mountainous area with a large number of boulders mixed with muddy water washed down from the ravine along the mountain torrent. 

At the scene, houses collapsed, rocks were jagged, and civilian materials were scattered everywhere. 

As of 13:08 on June 18, three of the five people lost have been found. Two of them confirmed no vital signs, the other one has signs of life being rescued at the scene. There are two people still in search and rescue.

Residents in the surrounding areas have been moved to a safe place.

The maximum rainfall in the county was 385.6 mm (around 15 inches), with heavy rain expected to continue until June 21. At 12:00 on June 18, the county upgraded the flooding level III emergency response to level II.

The local meteorological department warned that the soil moisture content in many places in Guangxi is currently high due to the long-term rainfall. 

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