He Meihua, a first-ranking inspector of the Chinese Communist Party in Zhejiang Province, was charged with corruption on January 26th concerning state-level construction projects. 

He Meihua is 60 years old and held many high positions in the government:  deputy secretary and director of the Jinhua Municipal Committee’s office, vice chairman of the Political Consultative Conference’s Jinhua Municipal Committee, and minister of the Municipal Committee’s United Front Work Department, deputy secretary and mayor of Yiwu City, vice mayor of Jinhua City, deputy secretary and mayor of Yiwu City.

He was suspected of collecting bribes in cash and gifts, such as foreign currency and Maotai wine. 

In March 2021, He Meihua was investigated and then was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison for receiving bribes on December 29th of the same year.

He was accused of receiving about a total of 7.12 billion USD, either alone or with his brother, He Xinhua (who was charged in a separate case).

According to an article published by Central Discipline Inspection Commission in China, He Meihua received rare stone and jades, watches, paintings, Maotai wine, and cash from individuals needing favorable inspection of their construction contracts. 

These individuals’ names are not given in the official source in China. 

For example, Zhu, with a hidden last name, the Bei’an Expressway Management Office director, delivered gold bars to He Meihua on four consecutive New Year’s. Zhu sought protection for his embezzlement of money from the high-way construction authority project from He Meihua. 

According to the paper, He Meihua received rare gemstone and jade ornaments from the legal representative of a food firm in Zhejiang Province on several occasions between 2008 and 2009.

He Meihua took a 3.14 million USD favor payment from a limited liability company of a construction group in the second half of 2011. 

An investor initiated a river crossing tunnel PPP project for an Hangzhou group limited business, promising to pay He Meihua a benefit fee of 1.57 million USD after completion.

In 2007, when He Meihua was deputy secretary and mayor of Yiwu City, Wang Mou, the legal representative of a decorative material company in Zhejiang, approached him through He Xinhua, requesting that He Meihua assist him in resolving a tax audit of his company for tax cheating. Wang, through He Xinhua, provided He Meihua with 160,000 USD for this deal.

He Meihua revealed that between 2007 and 2013, He Meihua and He Xinhua accepted 89.88 million USD in bribery.

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