Shanghai citizens can finally leave their homes after two months of strict lockdown. For many, the first thing to do is to get a haircut. Another thing that urges many residents to finish is getting a divorce. These two have become a trend in the city.

After June 1, all the stores in the streets and alleys opened. The business of hairdressers and barber shops is booming.

There have been people lining up in front of almost every store. Some shops receive full bookings for the first three days.

Moreover, people with haircuts can be seen everywhere in the community, on the side of the street, or under the shade of trees.

Some people say that the last time such a scene appeared was after the Revolution of 1911 when people rushed to cut their braids in the streets—cutting off the braids of the Manchu Qing (满清 mǎn qīng) rule to embrace the new era of changing dynasties.

A resident, Zhou, says that he wants to get a haircut as soon as the lockdown is lifted. He is ready to wait in line, listening to people chatting while watching others walking in twos or threes on the street. The long-lost feeling of freedom is really enjoyable.

In addition to the trend of haircuts, there is also a wave of divorces in Shanghai.

June’s divorce registration appointment number has been emptied with full fillings from June 7 to July 7. Therefore, people must line up for next month’s appointment.

People compare making an appointment for divorce in June with grabbing food in April and escaping the community in May. Authorities impose the same difficulty on citizens.

The Shanghai Civil Affairs Marriage Registration Platform provides for the issuance of marriage and divorce registration reservation numbers from 0:00 a.m. daily, with only 12 pairs of divorce registration slots available at each district civil affairs bureau for one day.

Wu, a resident engaged in community work in Shanghai’s Hongkou (虹口 hóngkǒu) District, says that a couple has been bored at home for nearly two months, staring at each other all day and quarreling every day. While women get up in the middle of the night to grab food, purchase in groups, cook meals, and do housework, men use their mobile phones or sleep hard all day. Moreover, they have no income, so both parties are under a lot of mental stress. The lockdown has destroyed many families.

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