Hainan Covid outbreak: Positive passenger locked in a pet box?

Hainan 海南, the smallest and southernmost province of China, is currently one of the areas strictly controlled by the government because the Covid epidemic is quickly spreading.

According to NetEase, Haikou City started to impose controls on boarding passengers as of August 6. Those who do not have a negative test certificate for Covid within 48 hours will not be allowed to board.

A Twitter video shows a passenger who was found to be positive for Covid and was sent to quarantine by Haikou Meilan International Airport staff. They locked the patient in a cage and pushed him away.

Many netizens also left comments about this situation. @liudonglinchina asked, “a pet box?”; @kaopudetelunsu said, “If you don’t say it, I thought they caught an alien.”

Fake reforestation in mining areas exposed

According to  Chinadialogue, illegal mining exploitation has been active in China since the 1990s.

The consequences of illegal mining include multiple cases of mine pollution, such as the open storage of large amounts of tailings, the use of forest land, and the lack of measures to prevent runoff.

Especially mining and other extractive and polluting activities within protected areas is the big problem the Chinese government faces.

A video leaked on the Internet exposed illegal miners in disguise. These people use artificial vegetation to reforest barren hills. From a distance, these hills remain green as if they had never set foot on them.

The scene of an honest old grocer touched everyone

A touching video about an old woman with gray hair, a hunchback, and an austere face was shared on Twitter on August 8. 

She was selling vegetables on a small cart on the road, inviting people to buy vegetables, but no one noticed her. 

A passer-by went to chat with her and recorded the conversation. She looked at him with sad eyes and asked, “Do you want to buy vegetables?” “I sell 1 yuan [ $0,15] 2 bunches of vegetables for you”. The cameraman said, “You’ve been sitting for so long without anyone buying your vegetables,” “How much money did you sell in one morning?”. The old woman replied, “I got 10 yuan [$1.48]”. 

After knowing that the older woman was 89 years old, the cameraman decided to buy all her vegetables in the cart. But the old woman did not ask for anything, just said, “You can give me as much money as you like.” But when the cameraman gave 100 yuan [$14,79]. The old woman thought it was too much, so she didn’t take it; she replied: “I don’t have change for you.” 

Her honesty made the cameraman compassionate, and he begged her to take the 100 yuan. In the end, the older woman insisted on not taking too much money. The cameraman gave her 50 yuan and bought more clothes for her.

Besides those who want to make more profit, there are still people with such integrity. Although they are poor, money is not everything. Some netizens also commented after watching the story, and one netizen said,” What a simple, simple old woman “; another said, “It makes people cry when they see it; it is a human being who is not an official.” The Twitter user who shared the video said, “Old people are the last thing for the CCP who have trespassed the lies of the prosperous world!”

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