On September 10, the “404 Backups” channel reported that police in Guiyang, China, baton stormed a resident’s home to arrest him for not taking a nucleic acid test.

In the widely circulated video, a group of police armed with batons are seen storming into a resident’s home and pinning a man to the floor.

The man who was “subjugated” by the police said helplessly: “I don’t understand.”

The police then reprimanded the woman in the home, and one officer thundered, “During the current pandemic period, you are not able to coordinate with epidemic prevention measures and respect epidemic prevention staff, let me tell you, now I warn you, you did not cooperate.”

The officer ordered the woman to squat and threatened to “use coercive measures according to law” if she did not cooperate.

The video went viral on the Chinese internet. China News quoted netizens as saying police were going door-to-door to check whether people had taken nucleic acid tests or not.

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