Guangzhou’s second-largest reservoir opens watergates, turning the whole city into ocean

On June 15, Fengshuba, the second-largest reservoir in Guangzhou, opened all its gates to release the flood. The Dongjiang River overflowed the embankment and poured into the urban area of ​​Guangzhou, flooding the city. The chest-deep water soaked vehicles on the roads, and people had to get off them.

Heavy rains inundate the entire town of Gaopi in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, with over-90-inch-deep water. Houses and stores along the street were swamped.

On Wednesday, Gaopi town in Guangdong was flooded by heavy rain. The deepest water level was up to 98 inches. Houses and shops along the road were swept away by floods. The rain lasted for several days. Many villages in Lienping County were flooded. A video shows a bridge with cracks under the superstructure.

In the Yantai, Shandong, many teachers went on protest. Local authorities sent police to suppress protesters.

Teachers in the Yantai Development Zone in Shandong strike in protest. They chanted together for full salary, no cut, and no paid-salary withdrawal. Many police officers can be seen rushing into the school. A teacher was arrested.

The move came after authorities required teachers to return 7,000 to 22,000 dollars of their paid salaries. Local government also wants to lower teacher salaries because they are short on funds. 

Villagers show ID cards, asking for their land back in Jinzhou, Liaoning province

According to the video, a group of villagers reported that on June 16, the village committee had transferred 425 acres of forest land to people from other villages. The decision was made without the villagers’ consent. They said that the transferred land was being used for growing trees. They called for an investigation and asked the government to return the land to the villagers. They asserted that what they reported was true and would take full responsibility if they broke the law.

Armed police show up at local restaurant to warn residents after Tangshan woman assaulting case

A group of policemen armed with guns appeared in front of a group of people eating and drinking. One of them shouted that they were officers of the Suixian Public Security Department. He warned the residents to stay away from violence. He added that the punishment for arguing or fighting is going to jail and paying fines.

The policeman in the video glued a notice of the information about the punishment on the wall.

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