The media “Beijing Youth Daily” reported on July 26 that China Southern Power Grid Guangzhou predicted high temperatures for several consecutive days until July 31.

“Nanfang Daily” reported on the same day that the highest temperature in Guangzhou’s districts was 38 to 40 degrees Celsius (100 to 104 degress Fahrenheit) on July 25. 

The weather is so hot that many people call for artificial rain. Guangzhou is recording the longest high-temperature process in 71 years. 

Guangzhou citizens are afraid of burning their feet during the day and suffer power outages at night.

Ms. Su, living in the Tianhe district, told a newspaper reporter that her community has recently experienced unusual power outages almost every day. She said, “The power outage started at around 10 p.m. on July 25 and lasted until about 4:30 p.m. the next day.”

She said she only hoped the authorities would not cut off power that night (July 26).

Mr. Wang from Haizhu District, Guangzhou, told the reporter that his house on July 25 also had a power outage for half an hour. The air conditioner in his house is usually kept at around 24 °C. Otherwise, the air will be sultry, sometimes even causing breathing difficulties.

Mr. Wang said that the surface temperature is above 40 ℃ (104 ºF) when he goes out, and he is afraid to wear slippers because he is worried about burning his feet.

“The Paper” quoted data from China’s Southern Power Grid Corporation on July 26, saying its unified consumption increased 2.99% over the highest register last year.

Yang Lin, a specialist in China’s Southern Power Grid Power, said, “In Guangdong, once the temperature reaches above 35 °C (95 ºF), for every degree increased, the corresponding load will rise by 3 million to 5 million kilowatts.” Since July, China’s Southern Power Grid has had the highest unified load, having exceeded 200 million kilowatts for 13 days.

China’s Southern Power Grid proposes that citizens adjust the temperature of air conditioners to 26 °C (78.8 ºF) or above to save electricity.

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