Imagine what you would do if you were loitering at a shopping mall in China and learned that somebody inside had been infected with Covid-19.

A video posted on the Internet on May 17 shows how Chinese people respond.

The footage appeared to take place at a shopping center in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, on May 16. It was reported that a suspected infection had been detected in the place.

Although the news has not been confirmed yet, it was enough to panic shoppers immediately. They dropped shopping and rushed to the exit, causing a chaotic scene.

The mall staff comes forward to keep the order and appeal to the public to stop pushing. However, it seems to be useless.

As can be seen that the shopping mall is full of people, but the exit passage is too narrow. As a result, some people are pushed, falling to the ground.

It is said that some children were pushed down the crowd and then pressed by the people behind. Nevertheless, it is unclear whether anyone gets injured in the incident.

Having watched this video, one netizen comments that now you can see how scared people are about lockdowns.

One person compared the scene as coming from the fear of death in critical moments.

According to Aboluo Wang, a person says that the pandemic is more terrifying than tigers. One other states that just a tiny cold can makes it the Warfield. Some highlight that it is worse to be locked in the mall.

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