The pandemic in Guangdong Province, China continued to spread, and the health codes of residents in Leliu town, Shunde district, Foshan city suddenly turned red overnight. In the pouring rain people gathered at a nucleic acid test site, resulting in a large number of people and some were knocked over causing a stampede.

A video posted on the internet on November 25 showed many people lining up holding umbrellas. The area was extremely crowded and chaotic. Some people fell and were lucky to be pulled back up.

A local resident told The Epoch Times that at the scene, everyone panicked when they realized their health codes had turned red due to a system error. Many of the area’s intersections were locked down so they could only cram into one place to do the test, so there were a lot of people. He said, “There were about 8,000 to 9,000 people at the time. Staff was at the scene to maintain order, but relatively few. A child was trampled and his leg was broken. Someone then called the police and the situation was brought under control.”

The video has gone viral on social media overseas, sparking a heated debate among netizens, with quotes in The Epoch Times.

One person said, “As long as nucleic acid testing exists, the ‘zero-COVID’ policy continues, the lockdown will continue.”

Another commented, “A stampede happened in Korea because of Halloween, while the stampede happened in China because of nucleic acid.”

Some netizens said that the incident has been verified by the Center for Pandemic Control and Prevention of Shunde District.

On November 21, Foshan city officially announced that if people find themselves with a red code, they should immediately notify the community and carry out home quarantine or concentrated quarantine.

Recently, the pandemic situation in China has continued to worsen. The number of new local cases officially reported by authorities every day has exceeded 30,000, further angering the public.Guangdong province is the area hardest hit by the pandemic, and many places are currently trying to build field hospitals. The provincial capital Guangzhou has opened 19 makeshift hospitals with a total of 70,000 beds. There are more of these hospitals in Huilai district and Jieyang city, because the “provincial committee requires each district to have one quarantine site.” As a result, forced land acquisition was implemented and the government even ordered villagers to urgently move graves, in order to get land to build the hospitals, causing a wave of indignation.

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