Last week a flood swept over Shaxi Ancient town, Shangrao city, Jiangxi, and the whole city turned into an aquarium. People from all classes suffered during the flood, and many lost their homes or factories. Many citizens said they did not receive any warning announcement beforehand. However, both locals and officials confirmed the source of the flood was discharged water from the reservoir.

Zero flood notice from the government, enterprises go bankrupt overnight

According to Jimu News, Wang, who uses an alternate name, recalled her experience during the flood discharge.

After the torrential rain on June 17, the Xīnjiāng’s water level not only withdrew but was one meter away from the land border. A neighboring village resident told her they received a warning to move their property to the second floor or higher. However, Wang did not receive any notice.

In the evening that day, knee-depth water entered her factory, and Wang nearly died from an electric shock while moving her computers. When they returned to the factory after transferring the equipment to the warehouse, the water level was more than one meter high, and she could only watch as her property became submerged in the water.

She told the reporter that the fabric and clothes are worth 1,2 million yuan, nearly 180 thousand dollars, and are the results of many years of hard work. She said, watching her life-career fade away in one night was heartbreaking.

Around 9 pm, she received a message about the reservoir from her friend on WeChat.

Wang wasn’t the only one to lose their business in one night. Another trader in Shaxi Ancient town also watched his frozen product business go down the drain. 

Reservoir said it had issued a notice beforehand.

On June 28, many officials from various areas admitted that the floodwater on June 20 was released from a reservoir after heavy rain and that they had sounded the alarm beforehand.

A spokesperson from the Qiyi Hydropower Station told a Jimu reporter that the flood control and drought relief headquarters decided to release the flood on June 20 because the stored water exceeded the warning level.

Several notifications were made before the incident. Still, why the masses received the notice at 6 pm remains unknown.

An official of the Propaganda Department of the Shangrao said that the rainfall was heavy, and the reservoir had already sent out a notification before releasing the floodwater. When the reporter mentioned people who said they hadn’t received the warning of flood discharge from the reservoir, she said those statements only represent their personal views.

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