According to Da Ji Yuan, from April 27 to May 11, four CCP officials suddenly died, most of them under 60. Since January 2021, more than 40 unnatural deaths of CCP officials have been publicly reported.

The high-ranking officials’ death includes:
Gao Wei, Beijing Shijitan Hospital Vice President, died at 43
Liu Yabin, the police torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics, died at 42
Yu Zhigang, China University of Political Science and Law’s former vice president, died at 49 during his detention.

Liao Guoxun, Tianjin Mayor, died suddenly at 59

Gao Wei, Beijing Shitan Hospital Vice President

On May 14, Beijing Shijitan Hospital Affiliated published an obituary on its official website, saying that Gao passed away in Beijing at 14:49 on May 11. He suffered a sudden illness during work, and all rescue efforts could not revive him.

According to the Beijing Shijitan Hospital official website, Gao presided over the overall administrative work of the hospital and was responsible for various aspects.

Liu Yabin, the Beijing Winter Olympics police torchbearer

Liu was the torchbearer for the Beijing Winter Olympics in February. He was one of 176 torchbearers who carried the CCP’s five-star banner during the opening of the Winter Olympics ceremony on February 4.

On May 7, the media reported that Liu died from a sudden illness after working overtime.

Since the outbreak of the CCP virus in early 2020, state media have continued to report premature deaths of police, grassroots civil servants, and medical staff on the front lines of epidemic prevention and control.

The CCP’s internal epidemic prevention workers published a death list on the Internet. There were 329 deaths on the list as of March 17, 2020, including government servants, village officials, police officers, doctors, and nurses. There are 217 CCP members among them. Two hundred forty-nine people died from “overwork,” 25 died from “pneumonia,” 37 died in car accidents, and 18 died from other accidents.

Yu Zhigang, China University of Political Science and Law’s former vice president, passed away during his detention.

According to Caixin, Yu Zhigang died of a sudden brain hemorrhage on May 3. He was staying in the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department’s detention center at the time. On May 2, while playing chess in the prison room, he became dizzy and had to be assisted to his bed. Yu died on May 3 at 11:00 p.m. after being admitted to the hospital with a massive bleed to the brainstem.

Yu Zhigang was a criminal law expert who served on the National People’s Congress Standing Committee and the Constitution and Law Committee. He was previously charged with accepting 6.91 million yuan in bribery and pleaded guilty in court.

Tianjin Mayor abruptly died just before the re-election.

On April 27, the CCP officially announced that Tianjin Mayor Liao Guoxun passed away at 59, just before the re-election of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee. Officials described it as very sudden.

According to an incomplete inventory by reporters, dozens of CCP officials have died abnormally since 2021. More than 40 unnatural deaths of CCP officials have been made public.

Before the CCP’s 20th Party Congress, which will take place later this year, many people speculated whether political purges were to blame for the deaths of police officers, doctors, nurses, and other high-ranking professionals.

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