On the eve of the 20th National Congress of the CCP, the regime reorganized a group of senior police officials in its anti-corruption campaign. For example, from the Sun Lijun political gang was prosecuted and convicted. A person familiar with the CCP’s police circles revealed that in fact the more CCP police officers corrupt, the more they are trusted by their superiors. As a result, some analysts argue that corruption is not the main reason why these senior officials had fallen from grace.

According to a report by Voice of America (VOA), American lawyer Gao Guangjun who graduated from the Faculty of Politics and Law of Southwest China University, said that for many years he had been Fu Zhenghua partner at the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. When Wang Xiaohong, the current minister of public security of the Chinese Communist Party, was a college student at the Public Security University of China, Gao was the teacher of his criminal commando class. 

Gao said that corruption is common in the CCP’s police circles, from ordinary policemen to ministerial police. It’s hard to find a person who isn’t corrupt. In other words, there is no one who is not greedy—it is just in varying degrees. He also pointed out that, under the CCP’s rule, one of the ways to gain the trust of the chief is by giving and accepting bribes. This is especially true in the military. He further explained, “If you’re not as corrupt as I am, how can I trust you? What if you report me one day?”

Sound of Hope said that Wei Jingsheng, one of the earliest pro-democracy activists in China, has a similar view, pointing out that in China, if you’re not corrupt, you cannot be an official. Only corrupt police officers can be trusted. To strengthen your position, you must show loyalty to your superiors. There are many ways to express, including money and beauty.

Lin Shixi, director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Shenzhen Procuratorate, China on May 14, 2001, also analyzed that it was “money + beauty” that broke through the so-called “steel will” of some Chinese leading cadres, which Sina calls “the top killer of cadres.”

This kind of bribe in the form of beautiful women and money sometimes turned family members into tools. Gao revealed an example. He knew that a department head, wanted to be promoted to the position of deputy director of the Public Security Bureau. First gave his wife to the Party secretary, then his 17-year-old daughter. In the end, this department head was also promoted to deputy director of the public security department as desired. But his daughter dropped out of school and became a prostitute to take revenge on her father.

This case is similar to the scandal that General Liu Yazhou told about Gu Junshan, a visiting army officer who offered his daughter to Xu Caihou. At that time, he was the vice chairman of the Military Commission.

On September 17, current affairs commentator Wang Youqun wrote an Epoch Times article analyzing the common characteristics of fallen officials in the CCP. He said, They are all political liars, and the ‘Sun Lijun political gang’ relies on Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, and his accomplice Meng Jianzhu. All of them are corrupt and use bribes to get ahead. All of them have actively participated in the persecution of Falun Gong.”

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