The Zibo City Intermediate Court in Shandong Province sentenced Ma Ming to life imprisonment. Ma Ming was the former vice-chairman of the Inner Mongolia Political Consultative Conference and head of the Public Security Department. He was found guilty of taking about $25 million in bribes.

The court said that from 2000 to 2019, Ma abused many of his positions in Jilin province and Inner Mongolia to seek benefits for others in business operations and job promotions. He was accused of taking considerably large bribes for an extended period.

Ma Ming pleaded guilty at the trial and admitted to other offenses.

After an investigation was completed in November 2020, authorities found that Ma had engaged in power and money deals with unlawful businessmen, irregularly equipped and used official vehicles, and illegally received huge amounts of money and properties.

According to the official resume, Ma Ming was born in October 1957 worked in Jilin, Inner Mongolia. In June 2012, Ma Ming held positions as Vice Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Director of the Public Security Department of the Autonomous Region for six years.

In 2018 he became Vice-Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and was investigated in December 2019.

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