Mooncakes are an indispensable traditional dish during the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. 

However, during this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, people in Yongfeng County, Jiangxi province, have no choice when facing the regime’s “static management” policy. They can only eat mooncakes distributed by the regime. As a result, some people had diarrhea after eating them.

People then simultaneously passed around photos of the moldy mooncakes and complained about getting diarrhea after eating them on the social internet platform.

On September 10th, the Jiangxi Yongfeng County government issued a letter of apology. However, because some batches of products from Jiangxi Tengwangge Food Co. have safety risks, they will recall the “Happy Together” mooncakes produced before August 16th, 2022. 

This incident became a hot topic on Baidu. Netizens also enthusiastically commented; most people said this was a loss of conscience and apologies were required.

On the afternoon of September 11th, the “Yuanye Binxun” article said that the number of people poisoned is unknown. It is not easy to buy medicine and see a doctor in a sealed area. Such Mid-Autumn Festival gifts have caused danger to the masses, which is infuriating.

The article also queries whether this is a mooncake produced this year. How did such food products get into the regime’s procurement list through various levels of selection? Or is there an intriguing relationship of interest in the middle?

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