This year, several regions of China are experiencing temperatures higher than 40 °C (104 °F). A couple of months ago, the 1,000-year-old historic Luoxingdun Island emerged from Poyang Lake—China’s largest freshwater lake— due to the record low water levels. 

According to CCTV News, from 7:00 on September 17 to 7:00 on September 18, 11 cities in Jiangxi Province experienced high-temperature. 

The highest temperature was above 35 °C (95°F.) in 1,411 meteorological monitoring stations.

Among them, Huichang, Jiujiang, Xiushui, and other locations saw the highest temperatures above 40°C (104°F.)

The hot temperature and little rain caused most of the Shantang reservoirs in Wuning County, Jiangxi Province dry. Unable to release water, the farmland became cracked as a result.

Meanwhile, due to a lack of rain and several days of high temperatures, 172,000 mu (about 28,000 acres) of the late-rice season in Fuzhou’s Dongxiang District also experienced varying degrees of drought.

According to the meteorological department, Jiangxi will continue to experience sunny, hot, and high temperatures over the next three days.

From September 22 to September 27, little rainfall is expected. Most parts of the province also suffered from little precipitation. Drought will continue.
According to Chinese media, Apollo News, in some parts of Jiangxi Province, the severe drought has lasted nearly 70 days since July 12.

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