Accessing Falun Gong websites in China is a herculean and dangerous task, and it has just been made even more difficult by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

One man from Panzhou city, Guizhou province, has been imprisoned for sharing the app known as “Shenzhou Mingmei” with his WeChat friends online on March 26, 2020.

He acquired the app from a QR code sent from a friend, and then downloaded it on March 26.

59-year-old Peng Biao loved the app and decided to share it. It was then shared multiple times and ended up with 1200 having downloaded it.

The trouble is, the CCP controls WeChat, and it led to Peng being arrested on March 28, 2020, just two days after he shared it.

He went to trial on Dec. 4, before the People’s Court of Zhongshan District, Liupanshui city, Guizhou province, and was found guilty under Article 300 of the Chinese Criminal Code. Article 300 punishes those who “use” a Xie Jiao, i.e., a banned religious movement “to undermine the enforcement of the law,” reports Bitter Winter.

 The CCP regards sharing a QR code as “using a xie jiao to undermine the enforcement of the law,” and Peng has received a jail sentence of three and a half years.

Peng appealed the conviction on Feb. 23, 2021, in the Intermediate People’s Court of Liupanshui city, Guizhou province.

However, the court rejected his appeal, and therefore he has to do time. It is another demonstration of the control the CCP exerts over its citizens, and anyone who dares to oppose them has to suffer the dire consequences.

In 1999, an estimated 100 million people practiced Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa) in China. They became the target of persecution by the CCP, who set up the 610 office to persecute them and eradicate the group.

Millions of people lost their jobs, were expelled from school, imprisoned, tortured, and even killed simply for following the principles of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance that the practice encourages—along with five simple exercises designed to improve a person’s spiritual enlightenment.

To understand more about this violent suppression of a group of gentle meditators, watch the video below.

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