Chinese overseas media reported on September 30 about Dorje Cidan’s complaint against the strange life imprisonment case of his brother, a wealthy Tibetan businessman.

Dorje Tashi, a Tibetan chairman of the Shenhu Tibet Group, was once the wealthiest man in Tibet.

In the events of March 14, 2008, in Tibet authorities accused Dorje Tashi of supporting Tibet’s independence.

On September 28, 2022 businessman Dorje Tashi’s brother Dorje Cidan publicly reported on the internet that high-ranking officials of the Tibet Autonomous Region used politics to distort the truth.

He wrote that Entrepreneur Dorje Tashi was involved in a dispute about a typical civil loan of about $202,000 (1.44 million yuan). The first instance court arbitrated on his brother’s behalf and referred to it as a loan fraud criminal case.

His charges ranged from “crimes endangering national security,” “crimes of bribery” to “crimes of tax evasion,” and others.

Authorities sentenced him to life imprisonment, and confiscated all his assets worth nearly $253 million (1.8 billion yuan).

So far, the Tibetan businessman has served 15 years in prison and has yet to plead guilty. He holds his human conscience in a high position and will not betray himself.

The lawyer representing the Dorje Tashi case told the Epoch Times that the case was false and that the authorities needed to correct it.

Tashi’s legal team has repeatedly submitted appeals to the Supreme Procuratorate of Tibet, but all the authorities have rejected their requests.

Tashi’s younger brother said, “The Doji Tashi case belongs only to ‘not using the borrowed money for the right purposes,’ so according to the law, there is no conviction and punishment for the crime of usury.”

If the authorities want to assign more offenses, there’s no stopping them, and Dorje Tashi will spend the rest of his life in prison.

He asked authorities to find out the truth and dig deeper into the evil forces behind it. 

Lawyer Li Xinghao said that the case was a typical civil loan dispute.

Lawyer Li also mentioned a similar dispute case of a $7.4 million (53 million yuan) fraudster in Tibet during the same period. 

The authorities ultimately sentenced the $7.4 million fraudster to 15 years in prison.

Meanwhile, “Dorji Tashi’s case was only $202,000, yet he was sentenced to life in prison.”

Lawyer Vuong Phi said, “We firmly believe this case is false.”

The lawyer added, “Up to now, Dorje Tashi has been falsely detained for 15 years. According to the judicial policy, only ‘confess and surrender’ can reduce the sentence.’”

Dorji Tashi refused to admit guilt and actively complained, which means “life in prison.”

He said he hoped the authorities would promptly rectify this unjust case. Uphold the dignity of the rule of law and uphold the image of the rule of law in Tibet.

Lawyer Chang Boyang said that if the appeal is denied again, their case will not proceed. And the only way is to take the course of petitioning.

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