Reports say that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has recently been relaxing its COVID prevention measures. 

For example, some localities now allow less time in isolation, or citizens do not need to present a negative test certificate when going to public places. 

However, the CCP’s zero-COVID policy based on lockdowns, which causes the most misery for the Chinese, is still being thoroughly implemented.

Twitter account Wall Street Silver shared a video on November 18 showing Chinese police breaking into a house to force a family to go into centralized isolation.

Footage shows a child leaning against a wall in fear while the girl’s father holds a kitchen knife to stop a group of policemen ordering his family to go into quarantine.

The police tried to use mild words to persuade the man to put down the knife and leave his house to talk. But, the man said firmly: “I tell you, don’t think that can take us anywhere.”

The father’s fierceness caused the police group to back out the door and retreat.

Another Twitter account named Northrop Gundam on November 19 shared a video about a concentration camp in Xinjiang.

The account noted: “Quarantine concentration camp in communist # china’s Xinjiang (home of CCP’s genocide, organ harvesting, and political concentration camps for Uighurs).”

The video shows that the isolation camp is fenced in with a temporary metal frame. Thousands of beds are lined up close together, and people are expected to use them.

No personal items are available, nor are medical staff or officials evident in this camp.

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