Rep. Pete Stauber claimed on August 22 that the United States heavily relies on China for its rare earth materials. Numerous academics and legislators caution the U.S not to fall for the CCP’s dependency strategy and begin mining the resources of other nations or of itself.

During an interview with the New Tang Dynasty, Rep. Pete Stauber said, “We’re heavily dependent on foreign adversarial nations.”

“If today, the communist country of China stopped selling us their critical and rare earth minerals, we would be in deep trouble from our national defense to our manufacturing across the globe.”

Rare earth elements are essential in producing equipment and components in information technology, medicine, transportation, petrochemicals, metallurgy, military, and many other fields.

As reported by the U.S. Geological Survey, seventy-eight percent of all rare earth materials imported to the United States between 2017 and 2020 were made in China.

According to Ann Bridges, a policy adviser at the Heartland Institute, China and Japan got into a dispute over rare earths in 2010. China’s response was to bar Japan from obtaining what they wanted, which affected this country’s manufacturing capacity.

Bridges said, “So it is not outside of the scope of the imagination to believe that in a time of warfare, indeed, China would leverage this kind of power.”

U.S.can get these materials by seeking partnerships with allies or from its homeland. 

According to Stauber, Minnesota’s mining operations are where you may get nickel, copper, and cobalt. In addition, Stillwater, Oklahoma, will soon house a rare earth production facility to offer the sector new hope. However, the period for implementation is anticipated to be about 2023.

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