After the death of Jiang Zemin, the former Leader of the Communist Party of China, the “Funeral Committee” headed by Xi Jinping announced on December 1 that the memorial service for Jiang Zemin would be held on December 6. But there will be no ceremony to see off the remains. As a result, Jiang Zemin’s funeral was downgraded, sparking speculation from the outside world.

Experts analyze reasons for downgrading Jiang Zemin’s funeral

As reported by CFGW, Jiang Zemin, 96 years old, died in Shanghai at noon on November 30 from leukemia combined with multiple organ failure. The funeral committee headed by Mr. Xi Jinping announced on December 1 that there would be no ceremony to see off the body.

Jiang Zemin’s funeral can be compared to Deng Xiaoping’s funeral. According to the official website of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), on February 19, 1997, Deng Xiaoping passed away. On February 24, Deng Xiaoping’s body was cremated in Beijing. Jiang Zemin led senior leaders of the CCP to visit Deng Xiaoping’s remains and escorted Deng Xiaoping’s body to Babaoshan Cemetery for cremation. On February 25, Jiang Zemin held a memorial service for Deng Xiaoping and delivered a eulogy for more than an hour. According to Yang Shaoming, son of Yang Shangkun, Jiang Zemin wiped his tears five times while reading the eulogy.

However, when Jiang Zemin died, there was no ceremony to send off his remains. Therefore, some say that “the unusual event must reflect a hidden agenda.”

The Vision Times quoted some citizens’ comments below:

“There was no ceremony to send the remains off; it’s hard to say what happened,” 

“It seems like he was dead a long time ago, however the announcement is only made today. The remains can’t be left for that long, which is why it has to be cremated soon. This is the only explanation.”

On December 2, Li Yuanhua, a former associate professor at the Capital Normal University in Beijing, shared four reasons with The Epoch Times to explain the absence of a ceremony to see off Jiang’s remains:

First, Hu Jintao was removed from the venue for the closing ceremony of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China for unknown reasons. If Hu Jintao did not attend the ceremony to pay respects to Jiang Zemin, the outside world would indeed speculate what would happen to Hu Jintao and his faction. 

Second, Xi Jinping does not want to be overly interpreted by the outside world. On the surface, he wants to create an atmosphere of unity and harmony within the party, and he does not want to bring the brutal power struggle within the party to the table at this moment.

Third, the recent “white paper revolution” may also make Xi uneasy. Ordinary people shouted that the Communist Party must leave the stage and that Xi Jinping should step down. Although he has lifted lockdowns in some cities to cool down the protests, residents still complain. He then could use the excuse of fighting the epidemic not to hold a grand funeral which explains the absence of the ceremony to send off Jiang’s remains. 

Fourth, usually, the CCP should have planned for a leader’s death, but recent developments have been so fast that it may not have been part of his plan, so he used the simplification approach.

Xi Jinping can use this method to fight Jiang Zemin’s side

According to The Epoch Times, on December 2, Liu Qing, the former president of “Chinese Human Rights,” said that, under normal circumstances, CCP leaders would have a ceremony to see off the remains. Liu Qing believes the greater possibility may be that Xi Jinping wants to use this method to defeat Jiang Zemin’s side.

Liu Qing said: After Xi Jinping came to power, he repeatedly purged the faction of Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong. After Jiang Zemin’s death, he could not wholly cancel the memorial activities for Jiang Zemin, but he did not want to make it too solemn. Therefore, he chose to simplify the procedures so that Jiang Zemin was not treated like other leaders in the CCP.

Liu Qing believes that Xi’s political position is clear and that Jiang Zemin’s faction will continue to be purged. On the surface, he would use the epidemic as an excuse to say that the funeral shouldn’t be organized on a big scale as there will be too many people, which will cause the disease to spread. Another reason is that Xi may not want to create more gathering opportunities for protesters in mainland China.

In addition, according to a Reuters report on December 1, diplomats from Arab countries who understand the situation have revealed that Saudi Arabia plans to hold a China-Arab summit on December 9, and Xi Jinping will attend the meeting during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Sources said that Xi is scheduled to arrive in Riyadh on December 7. It is expected that China will sign dozens of agreements and memorandums of understanding with Gulf states and other Arab countries, covering areas such as energy, security, and investment.

Some observers think that Jiang Zemin has just died and Xi Jinping is about to go abroad. However, it seems that Xi despised Jiang Zemin and won’t celebrate his life with a memorial after his death.

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