The National Health Commission of China announced yesterday that measures such as nucleic acid testing and centralized quarantine for people arriving in China would be canceled starting January 8 next year.

They will only be required to obtain negative COVID test results within 48 hours of departure. There are no official restrictions on Chinese travelers leaving the country, and the new rules make it easier for them to return home.

As China eases COVID-19 rules for incoming international travelers, it has given new hope for a quick recovery in tourism.

However, experts believe that the number of foreign tourists to China will not increase suddenly.

Airlines are drawing up plans to expand their business. But people and travel agencies believe it will take time before a return to something like normalcy.

Liu Simin, a researcher at the Tourism Branch of the China Future Research Society, pointed out that outbound tourism will return to pre-pandemic levels in 2024. 

He said the current wave of COVID-19 infections sweeping China is affecting travel plans for many.

He added, “During the epidemic, so many people have lost their jobs, or their income has been reduced. It will take some time for them to regain their confidence.”

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