When talking about China’s caution in the Russia-Ukraine war, the Chinese BBC said that the Chinese regime has benefited in the short term from this war.

The BBC says the reason why China has taken such a cautious stance has to do with its strategic game with the U.S. and Europe diplomatically and economically.

Alexander Korolev, a Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, said that China has benefited from the Ukraine crisis in the short term because it has directed U.S. attention from China to Russia. But China is Washington’s main rival, not Russia.

Relations between China and the United States have deteriorated in recent years. The U.S.-China trade war broke out in 2018, leading to a diplomatic conflict between the two sides. After that, the relationship between the two countries fell into a frozen period. A factor that worsened relations between the two sides is that Washington’s diplomatic boycott on the grounds of human rights concerns in Xinjiang cast a dark shadow on China’s international image right before the 2022 Olympics.

Korolev argues that China-American competition is the most prominent structural feature in the contemporary international system and a long-term trend.

Recently the United States has been consolidating its power in the Indo-Pacific region to contain China. With all U.S. attention currently focused on Russia and its Ukraine policy, no one is talking about Xinjiang for the time being.

Korolev said, “This exhausts the U.S. and buys time for China to compete with the U.S. for geopolitical influence in the Asia-Pacific region.”

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