The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a report on security challenges in the EU and the Indo-Pacific region on May 22nd. The report voiced concerns over security in the Taiwan Strait, criticizing China for threatening the island’s territorial integrity and undermining regional security and stability.

According to the China News Agency, the report, with 56 votes in favor, eight against, and 12 abstentions, highlighted China’s rapid, deliberate, and repeated military expansion in violation of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone.

The draft report reiterated that the European Parliament opposes any unilateral action that threatens and undermines the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. The report also welcomed Taiwan’s active role in promoting peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region.

As a result of the recent Russian aggression against Ukraine, the draft also refutes China’s attempts to promote a comparison between the war in Ukraine and the security situation in the Taiwan Strait. It mentioned the apparent differences between the two in terms of historical background and the current regional and global status.

The members of the European Parliament or MEPs also showed their “great concern” over Beijing being ambiguous by not condemning “the illegal war in Ukraine.”

The report also stated that MEPS were concerned that the Ukraine-Russia war would profoundly affect international relations. The EU must further strengthen its international engagement, especially in the region.

MEPs also urged the Beijing authorities to encourage Moscow to stop the violent war immediately.

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