After two months of a total lockdown, Shanghai declared a “win in epidemic prevention,” but less than a week later, the number of COVID-19 cases in the community re-emerged, increasing for two days in a row.

According to the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, 22 new positive cases were discovered on July 3. On July 4, there were 21 new positive cases reported.

According to CN stock, the government announced at the 220th press conference on COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai that as of 4 p.m. on July 4, there were 46 residential buildings with 2.524 households with 3.827 people in the Shanggang’Ercun community closed for management and control, and told to use “door-to-door service without leaving the house.”

A 2-meter-high iron fence separates the high-risk area in the Putuo district

In a video posted on YouTube on July 4, a road has been blocked off, and a police car is parked on the side of the road. They have stretched ropes on the sidewalk of a lockdown community’s periphery.The residential area here has just been listed as a high-risk area. Even when the epidemic in Shanghai was severe, the city was not identified as a high-risk area. However, this is now a “7 + 3-day lockdown, and residents will be detained for ten days. 

Another video showed a man saying that Shanghai had only been entirely free for a week and that “the rare tranquility was broken again.” The video shows that the community’s gate has been secured by an iron fence and surrounded by “an iron fence more than two meters high that makes everyone worried.”

“Until now, there has been no proper policy to protect the survival of close-contact pets,” some netizens responded.

“Lockdown and isolation are political security, and China will continue to be like this.”

“The Chinese people will continue to suffer because Omicron will not be eradicated.”

The majority of the world has chosen to live with the epidemic. Still, China continues to impose extreme measures, as some netizens have stated: “There is a community that is still doing the work of wiping out and controlling the virus, while all the communities around us have chosen to live with this virus. This community is known as China… Are they stupid?”

“Hurting others while harming themselves. By continuing the lockdown, they are causing harm to the entire world. “

Shanghai recently changed its control measures for people leaving, arriving in, and returning to Shanghai.

Accordingly, Shanghai will adjust its control measures for those leaving and returning to Shanghai. High-risk areas implement lockdown and control measures such as “stay at home and use door-to-door services.” For those who arrive in Shanghai and live in high-risk areas within seven days, “7-day concentrated quarantine medical observation measures” will be implemented, and five PCR tests will be implemented on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 7th day.

Medium-risk areas will implement control measures, including “people do not leave the area.” For returnees to Shanghai with a history of living in medium-risk regions within seven days, “medical observation of home isolation for seven days” will be implemented, and 3 PCR tests will be conducted on days 1, 4, and 7. Those returning to Shanghai with a history of living in low-risk areas within seven days will complete 2 PCR tests within three days.

People leaving Shanghai from low-risk areas must have a 48-hour PCR negative test paper with them. Furthermore, those returning to Shanghai with a history of living in high, medium, or low-risk areas within the previous seven days must make a medical declaration within 12 hours. Those who enter public places with clear epidemic prevention requirements and use public transportation must have a negative PCR certificate within 72 hours.

Sohu quoted a Xuancheng News announcement that there were 180 high-risk areas in mainland China as of 9 a.m. on July 5 and 70 medium-risk areas.

The requirement to test “twice every three days” alarmed netizens, who began hoarding vegetables

According to NTDTV, the official announcement of the “twice every three days” test application in 12 counties on July 5 sparked a lively discussion among Shanghai netizens. Some residents are concerned that the city will be locked down again and have begun stockpiling vegetables.

According to Baidu, from July 3 to 4, the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control agency stated that the residents involved were “frequently in circulation,” and the trajectory activities were related to many locations throughout the city, putting them at risk of spreading disease to society. From July 5 to 7, the city conducted PCR testing in several areas.

The paper quotes a notice from the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention that areas were required to screen PCR for all residents “twice every three days.”

According to official regulations, during the screening test, people in the above areas must not only perform two PCR tests within the prescribed time, but they must also perform a test within 48 hours or obtain a PCR sample within 24 hours if they want to go out.

Netizens in Shanghai have taken to social media and portal sites to complain or mock the re-emergence of the pandemic and the official start of large-scale PCR testing.

According to NTDTV, some netizens said, “It’s endless,” “Do you think this is scientific?” and “There should be no more blockades.”

“The victory has been officially announced before, and now it appears that one victory is not enough, and we must move on to other victories,” some netizens sarcastically wrote under related reports.

One Shanghai netizen posted a photo of himself stockpiling food with the caption, “The cycle has begun. Take as many photos as you can.”

This screenshot shows netizens raising concerns about the re-epidemic: “PCR testing companies are suspected of spreading the virus.”

“Everyone is a soldier in the PCR test!”

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