A Twitter user, @TragedyInChina, posted a video on June 20 showing a policewoman trying to carve out all English letters on the world map in a kindergarten school.

The female police officer is holding an iron rod with a blade attached to the head, which looks like a shovel.

Her process of removing English letters starts from right to left.

She seemingly has finished removing the word “South America,” and is now finishing off the word “North America.”

It takes only a few seconds for her to get rid of the letter for the continent, and the next one will be “Asia.”

The school’s location is unknown.

Many netizens show their concerns when watching this video.

One asks why this happens when the entrance exam for high school and college entrance examinations requires an English test.

Another netizen reveals that he heard the current education reform would cancel English and replace it with Japanese and Russian.

A netizen pq123 wonders what to do with typing because all Chinese Pinyin use the latin alphabet.

Twitter user Hugo mocks that the English alphabet of Chinese Pinyin is also abolished, by the way.

A netizen Eager to Know More states that the ignorance policy begins.

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