Multiple Chinese consumers have been left bereft after paying for iPhone 14 orders at an online shopping platform, only to see the site evaporate with their money. 

As Chinese news agency XiwangZhisheng reports, the platform in question is a WeChat applet called Easy Joint Purchase. When customers contacted the platform over the transaction, they only received automatic answers from robots.

More to their frustration, an unverified statement from the platform even tells victims to take this scam as a life lesson.

According to a screenshot shared by the outlet, the statement says, “Sincerely thank you for your support to our company! But we are running away, sorry! This is society, people are unpredictable. I hope you won’t trust people too much in the future.”

It further adds, “We’re sorry. Perhaps this should be a lesson for you. Don’t be discouraged. Let’s move on with the lesson you have learned.”

Many customers were lured by the platform’s fancy offering, which was (500 to 900 yuan) lower than the official prices for Apple devices. 

As mainland media Oriental Daily reports, the platform managed to scam as many as hundreds of thousands of yuan from victims (100,000 yuan equates to more than $14,000).

As of September 16, Easy Joint Purchase has disappeared from WeChat. The Chinese message app says it has suspended the applet over suspected fraud.

According to public information, the platform belongs to Chongqing E-Liango Technology Company Limited. It was freshly set up on July 28 this year, with a registered address in China’s Chongqing city.
At present, the case is in the hands of the police.

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