China’s power shortage crisis is back. High temperatures are pushing Hebei province’s power consumption to record highs due to the use of air conditioners.

According to Reuters, a heat wave has engulfed the regions north of the Yangtze River. Three provinces, including Hebei, Henan, and Shandong, had a drought and heat wave in June. 

Their electricity use also grew steadily. The largest quantity of power consumed in Henan province was 71.08 million kWh, exceeding the previous day’s record of 65.34 million kWh.

As state media reported on Tuesday, Premier Li Keqiang visited a thermal power business in Hebei province. He stated that China must enhance coal production capacity to resolutely prevent power outages.

In addition to “red alert” warnings for high temperatures, Shandong Province has seen historically high electricity usage. 

The Shandong grid’s electricity demand increased to 92.94 million kilowatts, breaking the previous record of 90.22 million kilowatts set in 2020.

In contrast to heat waves in the north, seven provinces in southern China have been pounded by heavy rains. And a tornado last week also knocked out electricity to more than 5,400 people in Guangzhou city.

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