While much of the world starts ‘living with the virus,’ China continues to pursue its ‘zero-COVID’ strategy. Under this policy, Chinese authorities impose some strict measures to curb COVID infections. Since then, several controversial incidents have sparked public outcry. 

According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, many videos depicting the Chinese regime’s continuously violating privacy of residents are circulating on the internet as it tries to maintain its strict Zero-Covid policy at any costs.

A few days ago, a recent video showed a scene that took place in a community in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. When several residents arrived home from their quarantine period, they found out that the entire building’s doors had been smashed open. More than 100 households suffered the same fate. [Video 0:00- 0:35]

The authorities stated that it was an urgent situation when a local called to ask about it.

Residents of the village were placed in quarantine on July 8. The majority of the owners are still in hotels for quarantine. After the incident of picking locks and smashing doors was made public online, the public vented their anger.

This is not the first time residents’ houses have been invaded like that.

According to The France24 Observers, in early May, a video went viral on the internet showing the moment a Shanghai Covid worker tried to force taking residents to the quarantine site. [Video]

The opening scene of the video shows one of them speaking to a man wearing hazmat suits outside the window. He ordered the woman to open the door, saying that the person in her house tested positive for COVID-19 and thus must be sent to quarantine sites. 

The female occupant was reluctant and said that her testing result had not come out yet. 
When two residents refused to open up, they smashed the person’s house door into pieces in seconds before a heated argument broke out.

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