New epidemic appeared in Beijing

According to Chinese media, some community residents in Panggezhuang Township, Beijing, have been experiencing vomiting and diarrhea since August 1.

The test results show that the norovirus caused acute inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Information from, lists common symptoms of norovirus infection to include vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. The illness typically comes on suddenly. The infected person may feel very sick and vomit often. Sometimes people infected with norovirus have no symptoms, but can still pass the virus to others. Most people recover in 1 or 2 days and have no long-term health effects. 

Noroviruses are very contagious. They are found in the stool or vomit of infected people. From there, noroviruses are transferred to food, water, or surfaces.

Producing dirty frozen pork in China

Summer is the time when pathogens proliferate, typically digestive diseases. So food safety is the most important issue to protect your health.

However, leaked footage online shows an unsanitary work environment at a food factory in China. Frozen chunks of meat are placed on the cutter, and thin slices fall to the floor. It is worth mentioning that there is only a thin canvas on the floor. There is even a dog eating the meat on the floor. These images may cause Chinese people who like to eat pork to think carefully about food choices.

It is not known where these meats will be consumed, but consumers should consider the health consequences before eating this meat.

Chaos in Cambodia, Chinese people kidnap and extort money each other

Taiwan media outlet Setn reported a YouTube Vlog Bek and Ruby revealing the evil life of Chinese people in Cambodia.

YouTubers Bek and Ruby visited a friend Agnes who lives in Cambodia, in March this year. Agnes works in the securities industry.

Agnes shared that because of the Belt and Road initiative, the CCP is now providing the most aid to Cambodia. The CCP does require the right to operate, for example, 60 years for highways and 50 years for airports. This is convenient for Chinese people who have arrived in Cambodia to invest.

However, Agnes revealed that people’s lives have become more dangerous due to the pandemic. She said that, before the pandemic began, many Chinese came to Cambodia to work in online gaming. Due to the COVID outbreak, China has reduced the number of flights and raised the price of airline tickets. These people can’t go back for two years and find other jobs.

So the local Chinese began to kidnap other Chinese people who came to Cambodia to invest in land. They lie and say they will show them the land, but they take them to a remote place and then extort money.

After the kidnapping, victims will have to pay $3,000 if they are generally young people or employees. If they are executives, it is $30,000 before being released. [Youtube Video]

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