Da Ji Yuan News reported that the National Medical Insurance Administration announced on May 25 that medical insurance should not be used to pay for nucleic acid testing for large-scale populations.

The bureau later stated that local governments would pay for the normalized nucleic acid testing fees on May 26. 

According to Soochow Securities’s calculation, the nucleic acid test’s annual cost in all first-and second-tier cities is about 670 billion Yuan (nearly 100 billion dollars)

According to current affairs commentator Wang He, all localities will force companies and residents to pay for themselves. 

Meanwhile, current affairs commentator Li Linyi一supposes that the cost of the nucleic acid test or new variant treatment is paid for out of residents’ taxes. The Communist regime deceives people in the money source under the guise of “government burden.”

Li added that China has begun to directly push such epidemic prevention costs onto residents amid enormous financial pressure. 

Furthermore, the regime and local authorities use this practice to generate more income. 

For example, residents returning to Gansu from low-risk areas of other provinces have recently been forced to quarantine for three days at their own expense. The incident aroused public dissatisfaction. 

According to reports, Dingxi, Qingyang, and Tianshui’s low-risk areas implemented centralized quarantines on even green-code residents. As a result, these locals have to pay their quarantine costs, with a daily outlay of about 200 Yuan (around $300). 

A mainland netizen told Da Ji Yuan News that Gansu has applied forced quarantine at its own residents’ expense since March, and officials and businesses are colluding. 

According to netizens, Gansu is not quarantined for epidemics but to make money. For example, the province has placed all residents under forced quarantine for three days regardless of their classified-epidemic-type code. 

Gansu is not the only province that places the testing expense on its locals. For example, Langzhong City, Sichuan province, announced that citizens would have to conduct acid nucleic acid testing every seven days at their own expense since May 31.

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