On Feb. 13 2022, the Lithuanian state broadcaster (LRT) reported that Lithuanian exports grew significantly, unaffected by the COVID epidemic, geopolitics, and especially the Chinese regime’s crackdowns. Lithuanian’s merchandise exports increased 20.5 percent year on year.

Jonė Kalendienė, head of Enterprise Lithuania’s Research and Analysis Division, said, “An overview of the goods exports indicators for 2021 leads to a conclusion that Lithuanian exporters have adapted to the challenging geopolitical and economic environment. Their operating results were among the best in a decade.”

Tadas Povilauskas, the chief economist at Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, Lithuania’s largest bank, said in January that despite Lithuania suffering trade retaliation from China’s regime over Taiwan, its economic growth had not been affected at all, as Lithuania’s exports to China account for only 1 percent of total exports.

China’s General Administration of Customs officially notified Lithuania on Feb. 9 that China would not allow Lithuania to export beef, dairy products, and beer into their country.

Lithuania Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte responded on Feb. 11 that the decision to suspend imports of particular products from Lithuania would not cause any problems since Lithuania’s companies had stopped exporting to China several months ago and found new markets.

According to Independent, European Commission data, Lithuania’s exports to China fell 91 percent year-on-year in Dec. 2021.

Yahoo News said that China is the world’s largest importer of beef. Still, according to Chinese customs data, it imported 2.36 million tons of beef last year and only a tiny 775 tons from Lithuania.

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