On June 1, Shanghai lifted its two-month virus lockdown. While there is no heads up of when any future lockdown would abruptly return, Hongqiao railway station has been filled with people who could finally break free from the city they had been trapped in for weeks.

That was the case for this man, who was happy and excited as he set foot at the Hongqiao Railway Station, ready to depart for his hometown.

China’s most cosmopolitan lockdown was swarmed with complaints about the food shortages, the online battle for supplies, the contentious white-clothed officials, limited access to healthcare, and the dread of being forced to the quarantine centers.

It would be a great relief to have finally been able to leave the city and the harrowing experience of its pandemic closure. Until. 

According to this man, they arrived in Chengdu city at 11 o’clock. And until 3 a.m. in the morning, they were still stranding in the reception room arguing about the hefty costs the hotel is requiring them to pay.

Meanwhile, back in Shanghai, even as the lockdown has been declared lifted entirely, the zero-COVID policy remains.

Those contracting the novel virus will still be quarantined or sent to temporary hospitals, and the area surrounding the afflicted person’s dwelling will be shut off again.

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