Acid testing industry is seeing a booming period within the last two years. It takes in more than 23 billions dollars alone for the 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year travel period. And along with it comes rampant fraudulent testing malpractice and products.

For example, on May 23, Beijing announced that a nucleic acid testing site in the city used an expired preservative liquid to conduct a test.

As a result, the authority punished the violator by fining 50,000 yuan, along with confiscating property.

Just hours after state-run China News published this news in its Weibo account, it received widespread reactions.

Netizen “no khb” from Guangdong complains:

“The mouth is full of justice, but the back is full of business”

Another netizen, “Alwayul” from Beijing, said:

“When nucleic acid testing becomes a business, some people will take risks and illegally seek profits!”

A netizen from Fujian even criticized the fine as being too low, staying at only 50,000 yuan. If it were him, he would break the law next time.

One netizen from Liaoning doubts if this issue only occurs in Beijing.

One netizen from Henan suggested that the nucleic acid testing companies should really check it out. Because people are committing fraud and using expired preservative liquids. Who knows if there will be other malpractice like this in the future.

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