Huaguoyuan, located in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, is home to 450,000 people. People went hungry because the neighborhood was forced into shut down due to COVID. Many people have reached a desperate stage, one young woman locked herself in the bathroom and then jumped to her death.

The outbreak in Guiyang is worsening. From Monday at midnight, September 5, the community enforced a “temporary static management” for four days in certain parts of the city. People must stay home except to take nucleic acid tests during this time. 

Guiyang went into lockdown when people were not prepared at all. As a result, people in the area cried out due to hunger all over the Internet.  

The lockdown leads to many social crises. At its peak, last Friday, September 9, Guiyang police reported someone falling to death off a building. The police said that the victim was 19-year-old Yu Moumou. After talking to her family, she locked herself in the bathroom and fell out the window on that fateful day. Criminal charges have been ruled out.

A lot of people in the community are office workers. The community owner said that these people usually order food to go because they don’t have any food reserves at home. They suffered from food shortages right from the first day of locking up, even to tears. 

He said, “Someone in CBD 4 fainted from hunger.” Even if you grab the food, no one will deliver the food to you because it is completely sealed. Even if the food arrives and is placed in the lobby, there will be no volunteers to deliver it.

The owner said that the people rely on what they have and the help of their neighbors.

A worker who lives on the 20th floor of Huaguoyuan Community recently told Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan.

 “I’m hungry, and there is no food, so what should I do? Most of the neighborhoods around Huaguoyuan are tenants and don’t have the kind of electrical appliances to cook, and it’s useless even to have vegetables shipped in from outside.” 

The young man added, “Sometimes there will be one or two shippers. Someone orders food. If there’s no shipper then you can only have water to drink.”

He said some people were so hungry they asked their neighbors for help. Luckily, this guy owned a local hot pot restaurant. After being blocked for a few days, he told the COVID worker that he hadn’t eaten in a few days. He was taken to his hot pot restaurant but was told he couldn’t go home after entering.

He said,

“I’m so hungry. Just give me something to eat, and you can ask me to do anything. I’m so hungry to that point. It was the first time I experienced the ban, and I felt something that I couldn’t say out loud.”

“Now having something to eat is better than anything else.”

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