According to Da Ji Yuan, the Covid-19 pandemic in Beijing is still concerning, and although it is just over a month away, the capital of China will host the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th Congress.

On September 13, a case of Covid-19 infection was discovered at a centralized isolation place in Daxing district, Beijing. 

From 4 a.m. on that day, building 14, Yizhuang Town, Daxing County, has been designated a high-risk area.

Beijing has required people who come to and return to Beijing to be tested Covid twice in three days. 

After testing negative, they will also not be allowed to eat, drink, gather or go to crowded places for seven days.

More worrisome, the Covid-19 pandemic in Beijing has spread to Hebei Province. 

On September 13, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, announced that the city had one case of infection. So the city decided to go into lockdown. 

All transportation systems in the city are suspended, residents are not allowed to go out except for emergencies, and all businesses and places with large gatherings are closed.

On the same day, Yuhua county, Shijiazhuang city, announced that from 6 a.m. on September 13, except for those participating in epidemic prevention and control, all employees in the county will work from home for three days. 

The county’s people are asked to stay at home, only leaving the house if there is an emergency.

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