According to information spread by netizens, the 42-story China Telecom building in Changsha city, Hunan province, caught fire on September 16, but other fires also occurred on the same day. However, the relevant news has been censored by authorities.

The fire that broke out at the China Telecom building has attracted domestic and international public opinion because of the scary images. 

Video posted on social media showed intense flames rising through the floors of the 42-story building, causing many objects to catch fire and fall to the ground. Although black smoke and flames enveloped the entire building, authorities reported no casualties, which raised suspicion.

Additionally, netizens shared the news on the internet, showing many other fires in Changsha on the same day. For example, fires also broke out in Panjiaping, Kaifu Temple, and Xingsha Logistics Park .

However, according to screenshots on the internet, Hunan China Telecom and Hunan Radio Group have issued bans on posting or forwarding information about fires on social platforms such as Weibo. 

As reported by Xin Tang Ren TV, before important events involving officials, such as the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, topics about consecutive fires being discussed online would become sensitive. And the authorities were quick to stop the attacks from spreading.

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