Plummeting temperatures disrupted the power supply of a vast area in China’s southern Guangxi province on December 2. 

According to state media CCTV, the cold snap had frozen 58 power lines by the evening and caused outages to 12,519 households. Above Jiling Village, quarter-inch-thick ice covered 500 kV pole towers and disrupted power transmission.

Initial attempts to inspect the area by drones failed due to heavy fog in the mountains. However, power was restored soon after by maintenance personnel on foot.

The Guangxi Meteorological Observatory said freezing temperatures would sweep through the entire Guangxi region on December 2 and 3. In mountainous alpine areas, the lowest temperature could drop to 21.2°F (-6.0°C).

In northern China, Global Times reported that Altay city of Xinjiang province had suffered its worst cold snap in a decade. In its winter pasture areas, temperatures down to -55.5°F have obstructed roads, causing frostbite on cattle and trapped people.

The outlet cited from the National Development and Reform Commission that China’s coal supply for power generation has been solid since the start of the winter heating season. On November 30, the department said the coal inventory had reached a record high level of almost 175 million tons.

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