A mass protest occurred in Jiangsu on May 21.

Jiangyin city of Jiangsu has resumed normal life for several days. However, the border between Jiangyin and Changzhou has not been lifted. The protest came as public discontent grow because the border closure made citizens from the two regions cannot go to work or study.

On May 21, residents gathered at the border to protest, demanding that the local authorities lift the lockdown. They chant “unblock” at the junction of 2 areas, and police cars rush to the protest site.

The video has attracted more than 82 thousand views on Twitter and over 200 retweets.

A netizen says this is just a waste of words. With this strength, everyone should push the wall down together.

Another wonders whether it is unblocking or liberation, and then he answers by himself that they mean the same anyway.

Jiangyin city has been under lockdown since May 4. The city was divided into different control areas. As soon as the restriction was announced, residents went panic buying, stocking up on food and other supplies.

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