The founder of one of the world’s largest chip makers has restored his Taiwanese citizenship and pledged $33 million to train “civil warriors” to fight the invasion from the CCP.

Wearing a bulletproof vest during a press conference on September 1, billionaire Robert Tsao – founder of the famous chip maker United Microelectronics Corp. stated that the CCP’s threat to Taiwan is increasing. 

The 75-year-old said he plans to train “3 million people in three years,” and will work with the civil defense organization – Taiwan’s Kuma Academy.

He said, “Given the Chinese Communist Party’s record of atrocities against its own people and its brutal domination of those like the Uyghurs who are not even Chinese, the CCP’s threats have only ignited among the Taiwanese people a bitter hatred against this threatening enemy, and a shared determination to resist.”

Tsao said in a speech in Taipei, “I have returned to Taiwan, and I will die in Taiwan. I will not stand by and watch the CCP turn Taiwan into another Hong Kong.”

According to TheGuardian, 60% of the funds (approximately $19.6 million) will go to training the “3 million warrior” army over the next three years, while 40% (over $13 million) will go to train 300,000 marksman with good shooting ability.

Explaining the reason for spending a total of more than $32 million to increase the island’s defense capacity, Tsao said that the risk of the CCP using force to take back Taiwan exists.

He said, “If we can successfully resist China’s ambitions, we not only will be able to safeguard our homeland but make a big contribution to the world situation and the development of civilization.”

It is worth noting that Tsao once actively supported the reunification of Taiwan with China. He has also renounced his Taiwanese citizenship to protest a government investigation into his company.

However, in an interview with Radio Free Asia, he said he changed his mind after witnessing the CCP’s crackdown on the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, especially the attack at Yuen Long subway station in July 2019.

Also at a press conference on September 1, Tsao announced that he had renounced his Singaporean citizenship when his Taiwanese citizenship was restored.

Tsao launched a fundraising campaign for Kuma Academy, and stated that the will of the Taiwanese people to resist the CCP’s invasion will “determine the outcome of the war.”

Established in 2021, Kuma Academy aims to train civilians in guerrilla warfare, self-defense, and first aid.

Tsao said, “War is not a matter for a few, and defending Taiwan is the duty of every Taiwanese. Everyone has the ability and responsibility to contribute in war.”

Taiwan is applying mandatory military service for men to build up its defense force.

However, the island now has 88,000 active-duty troops, far less than the roughly one million Chinese troops, according to Pentagon estimates.

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