Beijing, the capital of China, has always presented a very prosperous image to the outside world. But Hao Lei, a famous Chinese actress, and Golden Horse Award winner for 2010 Best Supporting Actress, recently posted on WeChat Moments, expressing that she was speechless after seeing the desolated streets of Beijing.

Hao Lei wrote, “I met three groups of people at the food counter downstairs. Two fat guys packed the rest of the food on the table next to them with a plastic bag, and a lady picked up an empty water bottle that the shopkeeper didn’t move out. A thin man in his 60s walked the street a few times with a backpack on his back. He looked over and over at the water bottle on the table beside him and got it for himself. He looked at the table in front of him with a round disposable white lunch box on it … he seemed to be waiting for something? The lunch box was as empty as his empty eyes, full of hopelessness.”

Hao Lei sadly said, “I have lived here for more than ten years, ate countless meals on this street, but have never seen such a dreary scene. Such cases happen in a prosperous capital, how can other small places survive? Hao Lei can’t help but exclaim: “Is it really cause and effect?” So how do we sow the “good fruit” so that we don’t have to continue to eat this tasteless “evil fruit”? May the Buddhas of the ten directions protect the poor.”

The article was reposted on Weibo, which sparked heated discussions on Chinese social media. But, of course, poor people looking for leftovers can be seen in any country. Still, Hao Lei’s online post attracted the attention of the Chinese public in part because it’s not advisable for famous people in this country to spread messages that the authorities say are not positive.

Aboluowang compiled comments from people worried about the actress:

  • Maybe this is the last time I hear the name of this actress;
  • Don’t spread this message. Protect her;
  • A sincere and honest actor, the people are really struggling, keep going like this… they will starve to death.

China’s Wuxiang Finance newspaper reposted the actress’s story and told another story in China: the poor without money can’t have food, and the wealthy in Shanghai can’t either.

The article reported that Ms. Wang from Jing’an District, Shanghai, went out alone to buy some fresh noodles and ribs to celebrate her 91st birthday on June 18.

Wang does not know how to use a smartphone and often does not bring her phone with her.

When she queued up to buy noodles at the grain and oil store in front of her house, she had to get out of the noodle shop because she couldn’t scan the access code.

An older man next to her said he could help. But when he scanned the website code with his mobile phone, it showed a negative PCR test result more than 72 hours old, so that he couldn’t buy food either.

After this incident sparked heated discussions online, the person in charge of the store said, “We didn’t do anything wrong. It is right to strictly follow the the government’s epidemic prevention measures.”

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