According to Xin Tang Ren​​ media, most areas in Shanghai were still under closure as of May 18.

A video shows angry Shanghai residents continuing to bang pots and pans in protest on May 18.

The border between Shanghai and the towns of Kunshan and Huaqiao in Jiangsu Province is not only set up with barbed wire. The roads are also guarded by 24-hour manual surveillance, which some netizens sarcastically say is comparable to the Russian-Ukrainian border.

A resident questioned why the government sealed the city up again, given that they had announced plans to unblock Shanghai. This person added that the situation again made residents panic about buying things.

On May 16, there were only some pedestrians on the streets of Shanghai. The majority of restaurants and stores remained closed.

Meanwhile, in Sanhe City, Hebei Province, two groups of residents were arrested after protesting against the construction of a field hospital near their neighborhood. Protesters gathered in front of the police station to demand their release.

In addition, a large field hospital was proposed in Langfang, Hebei, sparking protests. Officials sent special police and riot police to suppress the protesters violently.

Not only that, the news outlet reported a shocking video showing a scene of a professional who was trying to break into homes in Zhejiang. In another area, the Chinese authorities seal a farmer’s door.

Extreme epidemic prevention measures have been carried out across China, causing serious disasters, public discontent, government rebellion, and escalating conflicts between the government and the people.

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