On September 22, the Intermediate People’s Court of Changchun City, Jilin province, commuted the death sentence and its two-year extension for Fu Zhenghua, former minister of Justice and former director of the 610 Office.

 The court now gave Fu a life sentence. The sentence cannot be reduced further, no option for parole, and all his assets were confiscated.

Fu, who is considered “the cruelest official among all officials” and “the number one torturer” for the CCP, was imprisoned after pleading guilty to taking bribes and manipulating laws for personal gain.

He served in high positions throughout his career as a police officer and CCP official. He was director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, a member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, vice minister of Public Security, minister of Justice, and deputy director of the Social and Legal Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

By accepting bribes, he amassed a huge fortune estimated at more than 117 million yuan (about $17 million). He also used his power to protect his brother Fu Weihua, who committed serious crimes Fu Zhenghua hid clues implicating his brother and prevented his imprisonment.

These facts were what, according to the official version, led to the the sentence. But behind the scenes there is much more.

Fu Zhenghua’s conviction comes amid a factional struggle within the CCP, with current leader Xi Jinping on one side and the faction of former CCP General Secretary Jiang Zemin on the other. 

When Jiang was in power, he began the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in 1999, using the entire state apparatus to try to suppress the spiritual practice, creating a special agency called the 610 Office.

CCP ex-leader Jiang Zemin on establishing the 610 Office, June 1999 said, “All CCP central departments, all ministries, all provinces and all cities must cooperate very closely with the group.”

The 610 Office used all police resources and propaganda machinery at all administrative levels, and acted outside the judicial system. This gave Jiang and his people enormous power to control the regime.

As part of Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption fight, many 610 Office members were jailed or purged from the CCP, in an attempt to erase the former party secretary’s influence.

 Two of those arrested are Sun Lijun and Li Dongsheng, who served as directors or deputy directors of the 610 Office.

Larry Ong, investigator for Sino Insider, in a written statement to Vision Times, said, “The attack on officials who served in the 610 Office is likely related to Xi Jinping’s effort to displace Jiang Zemin (610 Office) with its own super authority organization (national security apparatus).”

 Fu Zhenghua was director of the 610 Office between March 2015 and February 2018.

The Gestapo Chinese

Fu served in the persecution of Falun Gong both as director of the 610 Office and in the position of minister of Justice.

His loyalty to Jiang Zeming was demonstrated in the campaign launched in 2015 “Special Work for the Prevention and Elimination of False Accusations and Abuse of Action by Falun Gong” in which he focused on dismantling criminal lawsuits filed by practitioners with China’s Procuratorate and Supreme Court against Jiang for mass repression.

 Thousands of lawsuits began to accumulate in the courts.

After calling the accusations “false” and the lawsuits “abuse of action,” Fu ordered the police to detain, arrest, and sentence the practitioners involved. Anyone who dared to sue Jiang was in danger of being illegally imprisoned and subjected to all kinds of abuse and torture.

On July 9, 2015, the police conducted the mass arrest of lawyers and human rights defenders known as “the 709 crackdown.”

Fu then vice minister of public security, was the main leader in this operation that deployed police forces in various cities to arrest 300 lawyers and activists working on sensitive issues including ethnic minorities, religious freedom, detained journalists, and government corruption. Among them were also advocates for Falun Gong victims, such as Li Heping, Wang Quanzhou, and Wang Yu.

During their detention, they received the same treatment as the people they were defending.

They were beaten, deprived of sleep, shocked with electric batons, handcuffed and hung by their wrists, and placed in solitary confinement.

It is known that at least 7 lawyers who were victims of the operation are serving sentences of up to 8 years.


In 2016, the United States marked a milestone in the defense of human rights with the passage of the Magnitsky.

“Global Magnitsky” authorizes the U.S. government to punish human rights violators around the world, including freezing their assets in the U.S. and barring them from entering the country.

Using this law as a model, some 27 countries adopted similar laws including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and 18 EU countries.

Falun Gong practitioners collected the names of thousands of the perpetrators of crimes of persecution against them, including former General Secretary Jiang and officials from all branches of the communist regime’s repressive apparatus.

This list would eventually be used by governments to create new laws. 

Fu Zhenghua is one of the main ones on the list, although it is no longer necessary. Karmic retribution knocked on his front door.

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