A sincere introduction by Prof. Hu Jinniu from the School of Physical Sciences of Nankai University has recently attracted attention in academic circles and quickly became a hot search.

The personal introduction on the homepage of his academy’s official website seems to have the power of its own to reveal hard facts.

From time to time, he added parentheses to add humor, causing netizens to shout, “I want to take his class!”

According to Jiupai News, on September 17, the teacher himself wrote the personal introduction on the official website, and the school did not interfere. The tutor’s style has a subtle influence on the students.

In his biography, Professor Hu wrote that he had been a reviewer for many magazines. He said that some stranger inside dragged him into these reviews which should have been left as it is. Because consciousness can only see a part of what the truth is.

He added that he currently holds the position of director of the China Association of Nuclear Physics and said this position was thanks to the support of his seniors.

In his educational experience, he graduated with an undergraduate degree in 2006 and began to study for a postgraduate degree in 2007, so he added, “Don’t ask what happened in the middle of the year.”

Netizens then asked, “Could it be that Professor Hu’s postgraduate entrance examination was ‘Going ashore in World War II’?”

Psychophysical processes occur naturally in the human body as well as in all things.

Humorously mixing physics and psychology, he states that the application of machine learning in the structure of the atomic nucleus can be explained as “the current hot  matter mess is actually for survival.” That is just one of the professors pithy statements explaining cutting edge science.

This mass of matter according to Buddhism is ultimately just earth, water, wind, fire, space, and the knowing nature which is also consistent with physical principles from antiquity to the present.

In addition, he also adds a cute smiling expression ^ _ ^

Introducing his own teaching courses, he humorously explained that one of his courses is “often suspended due to the lack of participants.”

In terms of honorary titles, Professor Hu has also considered very carefully, including “2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year;” “2008 Winner of the Special Award for Touching China,” and the winner of the 2022 Olympic Cup.

He also reminded readers that you could search for yourself on Google if you don’t believe it.

A person wrote on Weibo, “He is such an honest and modest scholar!” 

With Professor Hu’s resume on the hot search, netizens discovered another interesting professor from the School of Physics of Nankai University: Professor Chen Jing.

Professor Chen seems more straightforward in terms of the honorary title.

When introducing himself, Professor Chen wrote that Professors are most proud of being able to travel abroad before the age of 30, finish reading, and get some diplomas along the way. 

His postscript read, “Several degrees” means two bachelors, two masters, and one doctorate.”

For the honors and awards section, he inserted a pic from a television drama series with the heading, “These are all bubble reputations as well as floating clouds.”

Many netizens sighed: This makes them even more awesome.

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